Love Story; Hello Kitty from Thailand

Talking about love for some people is not interesting, but it is always interesting for people who like romance, including me.


I am always amazed with love story, the real one or ‘gimmick’ only, such as love story of Ivan Gunawan (Igun) and Ammy Fara. Ivan Gunawan is a famous designer and comedian in Indonesia who has been devoting his great talent in designing for 12 years, and Ammy Fara is a singer from Thailand who is recently very popular since she joined singing competition in Indonesia, Dangdut Academy Asia 2. Her popularity is supported by many fans in Indonesia mostly. Many people love her as she is able to sing dangdut very well, just like an Indonesian singer. She is famous as Hello Kitty from Thailand as she loves hello kitty.


Their love is very unique as Igun always entertains audiences with his romantic jokes on the stage. It is more romantic as Ammy who is still 18 years old, looks cute and innocent in responding his act on the stage. More people love them, that’s why she becomes more popular. Many accounts or tags use ammy fara and igun on social media. It’s the risk of their fame, some are their real fans but some are fake, using their popularity for promoting their products on social media or monetizing money via online.

They remind me to my friend’s story who ever fell in love with the young, 20 years younger than him. True love doesn’t care about differences. True love is simple; caring and understanding! True love is being sincere and honest with our couple. If we only focus on different points, then we won’t see that actually the difference makes this life more interesting. Can we imagine if all people have the same things, it must be boring eh? Pro and cons always exist in our lives, somehow we should respect the privacy of people. As the outsider, lovers or haters, we are not supposed to get involve too much with their private life. It must be bothering when we do so. I often see many comments, bad and good ones which are crossing the line of personal life. We should understand that everyone has privacy, no need to expose all on social media. Celebrity or not celebrity, all have privacy. Simply, be more wise on social media. Love is personal issue, simple is that!