MINORITY; One Color in the Beautiful Rainbow

Being a minor in my big family and at work here is not a serious problem for me. My hijab is not a restriction for me to blend in non muslim community, especially my family and friends.



They celebrate Christmas, but I don’t. They understand that I don’t celebrate Christmas. I come though as I love them, it’s a part of my attention to my family. I do love them as they love me, though I have different faith and come from different culture. They accept whoever I am, they really respect this diversity. I do so… They always give me a Christmas gift, and I give them my special gift, my love. It’s also Islamic way; loving and caring family❤.

I am grateful to have a lot of blessings from this life, being a minor in Canada becomes one of my greatest lessons and I can teach my kids that this life is full of colors, different, as the beautiful rainbow. I am not perfect, but I am thankful I can be a part of that rainbow, one color among those beautiful colors. My imperfection becomes perfect because of those colors, impossible that rainbow is only one color… right?


Since I immigrated here, following my lovely polar bear😘, I have learnt how to understand and accept the diversity. People here respect what others do in their lives as long as not crossing the line of law and other people’s right. I feel so blessed living in Canada as here is safe for anyone, including for muslim immigrant like me. I wear hijab, it’s not a problem to walk alone, I feel so safe. I can pray freely at work or at public places, although there is no a prayer room in every place but I can pray safely in parking lot, in my car.

Simply, people here do not care what your belief is, that’s your own choice. It’s not wondering here to see multi religions, culture, or races living peacefully. We know and respect the border line of each person. Insulting and bullying is not our habit. Our pride to be Canadian here is to keep this peace in diversity as we realize that the beautiful rainbow consists of a lot of colors, not one color only😍!