Travelling by GO Bus and Train in Canada

I just arrived at home when I got some messages from my bestie in Indonesia, she informed me that our friend from New York was coming to downtown Toronto. It’s the great time to meet up as I had 2 weeks off for Christmas and New Year holiday. I was so excited to see her, our last meeting was in Indonesia in December 2015.


I checked on Google how to go to downtown Toronto by bus or train. It just took less than an hour from Unionville station in Markham to Union station in downtown Toronto. It was my first trip to go by bus and train with my daughter. She was excited as well, as she wanna know how to travel by bus and train in Canada. Well, it just costs 8.20 dollars which is pretty affordable price for me. After having the idea about the schedule of bus to go to downtown and back to my town, I prepared my stuffs for my short trip.


My husband dropped me and our princess at Unionville station located only 15 minutes away from our apartment. I was a little bit nervous as it was quiet and I didn’t see any officer at that time. It was around 12 pm, and I looked around to ask people how to get the ticket. I was lucky as I met a boy who would go to downtown as well. He told me how to get the ticket from ticket machine near the shuttle. It’s quite easy for anyone who is familiar with computer, you can pay with your credit card, debit card, or cash. If you are confused with ticket machine, you may get the ticket from the officer at ticket office. The bus came on time, you can check online or see the announcement on the board displayed at office, but not at shuttle for sure.



I arrived in downtown on time, and I walked only 5 minutes from Union station to Fairmount Royal York. I texted her that I was waiting in the lobby. Well, finally I met her and we was so happy. We walked out to have coffee at Tim Hortons, Canadian coffee, next to the hotel. We had chit chat for an hour before walking around downtown. It was so fun as both of us had no idea about downtown, so we just checked the map on the board or google map. Good thing that traveling here is secure, and easy to check direction on the map. So, no worries to get lost here!


Spending hours for walking around in downtown was really fun, and I didn’t realize that I should go back soon. My husband texted me to ask where my position was. I knew he was worried about us as I never travelled to downtown without him, I used to be accompanied by him for years here.

I had limited data on net, so I went back to hotel to get free wifi to check the schedule of bus. It was at 7 pm, and no bus anymore to go back to Unionville station, only train. After saying goodbye to my bestie, my daughter and I walked to station to buy train tickets. It’s cheaper couple dollars than bus. After waiting for 30 minutes, the train was coming. I got nice seat near the window, so I could enjoy the night view in downtown. It was cool, I was amazed with the view from the train. I was too excited with our trip until I forgot to take some pictures in the train…LOL. I plan to travel to Ottawa by GO train as it is very convenient. Hemmm… wanna save more money and travel by bus and train across Canada. Yuhuuu….