Take Me Home…

People think living in the west is the best, but people here think living somewhere else is better. We miss sunshine on the beach, they miss seeing the snow. They wanna what we have here and we wanna what they have there. That’s life!

homesick (1)

My friends think that living here is so easy, having a lot of money, travelling around the world. They have no idea that the cost of living here is higher than in Indonesia, so it’s normal if our income is higher than their income. Somehow, we spend more as well on rent, mortgage, gas, grocery, and for sure tax…LOL. Meanwhile in Indonesia, though their income is lower but they also spend less than us here. And they don’t know that we work so hard here for our spending and saving, to travel for sure. Basically, the same idea…guys. The more we get, the more we spend.

So, I am not surprised when my Filipino friend told me that he can’t visit his family for long time as he has no enough money to travel. It happens to some people, their money is just enough to pay the bills and send to their family in back home. ¬†We should know that not all immigrants are successful, having a lot money and living like superstar. Some immigrants are struggling with their lives, living from check to check. Some immigrants work so hard, double jobs, to save more money for future. Therefore, some friends are able to buy a house after saving money for years. Jolly good!


The hardest story for immigrant is when we get homesick, being so moody during gloomy day. We feel moody as we miss all we have in our back home. When we have enough saving, we just wanna buy ticket right away. It happened to me 3x, back forward Canada – Indonesia every time I miss home. When we have no enough saving, we just whisper to the cold drywall…”take me home, please…”.