The Challenge of Immigrant in Canada

Dita looked so hopeless when she told me about her problem, looking for a job she loves. She has been living here for 6 years, but she still works as a general labour. It’s one of the hardest challenge that mostly immigrants have. Though she has a licence, but she has no experience as a payroll and that’s her issue.


I had that issue as well, my background as a teacher in Indonesia was nothing here before I get a teaching certificate and teaching experience here. Our degree and experience in Indonesia won’t be considered, including a bunch of references. Company or school here need the reference from Canada, and they will call them to ensure you did good at your previous job. So, I was not surprised with Dita’s problem as I had been in that point before I got my current job. Though it’s not teaching but I love it as I have the opportunity to develop my skill and I see the potential in the future. The most important one is the work environment, I feel so comfortable working at my current company. They also provide me the space to pray, I am so blessed! Basically, all people want to work in the position they love, including me and Dita, that’s why I keep supporting her to apply a job online like what I did. Who knows someday she gets what she dreams of. Nothing to loose!


I know exactly that some people look for job desperately in Indonesia or in Canada. If you just land here, I suggest you to join work agency as they have a lot of temporary/seasonal jobs which are good to go. We must be realistics as cost living here is pretty high, and we can use our payment from that seasonal job to pay the bills, at least saving our money in our account.

It’s better than doing nothing or keep complaining about many things. As the immigrant, we have to work hard to compete with others in finding the right job. Don’t compare your position in back home and here as you must be ready to work in the lowest position first before you get your dream position. Some immigrants told me that they did the same things before they got the right position at work. It is what it is here, ready or not ready… you must see the reality…hard competition,guys!

Once you get a job, keep it as it’s good for you to have reference to apply another job. You should ask your previous supervisor or manager if they don’t mind when you give their mobile number to your future employer. The new employer will call your previous boss to ensure that you left or resigned without any issue. No need to show your printed reference here, they will ask name and phone number only. That’s why agency is good start for new immigrant to have experience and reference. It doesn’t matter if the job is only temporary or seasonal, it’s still considered as your asset.

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If you just land here, prepare your resume right away, online or printed one. I posted my resume online on Indeed. ca., and I found the job here. Try to open this website everyday and click ‘apply’, it’s a very easy way! You can apply a job to many companies from your computer at home or from mobile. A simple and effective way to apply a job. Somehow, I suggest you to double check about the company before you apply as you must be sure that the company is good. Moreover, check the review of company to give you the idea how the company is.

Well, I hope that my story is useful if you plan to immigrate here. Prepare your mentality to win the competition, and never give up. You are very welcome here, and the good things here are that the law really protects us and everybody has the same right. You are secure, as you are protected by the law. Canada is the great country, a lot of opportunity here as long as you do your best!