When Someone Asks Why I Cover

Starting Monday with my new spirit, I went to work happily. Monday is always a busy day, I love it though. Good thing was not too cold today, -3 degrees only!



Drinking coffee and eating croissant before starting my job is my routine schedule to boost my energy in the morning. Therefore, I like coming 30 minutes earlier at work, relaxing my mind while enjoying my lovely coffee. It’s pretty effective to get energy in my body and mind. Usually it will last 3 hours, I’ll be ready to rock… LOL.

I was drinking my coffee when the new part time staff started questioning me about my hijab, and nikaf. I was happy with her question, somehow I had limited time to explain in detail why I cover my hair, and why some muslim women cover their face. I answered her question while I was still drinking my coffee, telling that covering hair is the obligation for women in Islam, but wearing nikaf (covering our face) is optional. She kept saying that she’s afraid of people covering their face as she can’t see them. I just smiled to her response as I didn’t want to go further as I had limited time to finish my coffee at work. If we were not at work, I would be happy to explain more about hijab and nikaf.


The thing is I don’t want her have misunderstanding about my short answer that I cover my hair as I have to cover my beauty from men, except my family. It’s a kind of protection for women, and honestly I feel more secure to cover when I go out. She asked me again whether I had to cover at home, and I answered shortly …”Of course not! But if friends and non family visit, I have to cover.

She looked confused by arguing me back that it’s not fair as my husband can see the beauty of another woman. Again, I was trying to explain to that lady that a good muslim is not supposed to see the beauty of another woman if she’s not his wife or family. In the end of our conversation, she said that she allows her husband to see another woman and she doesn’t have to cover her beauty. I kept smiling to her, and ended up our conversation that it’s what I believe and I have freedom to follow what I believe. She smiled back to me and left the lunch room.



Actually it’s not my first time I had that question, but it’s my first time to have it at work. I am not offensive with her opinion as I realize she has no idea about hijab and nikaf, and it’s my duty to answer her question well. I hope to meet her again and I wanna invite her to hang out at cafe to continue the conversation. I am sure if I explain in detail, she will not be afraid of nikaf as it’s the choice of those women to follow ‘sunnah’.

Furthermore, I need to show her that I still have my freedom as a woman though I cover my hair. Wearing hijab doesn’t mean that women are under oppress, not at all! I have freedom, I can work…I can blog…I can do what I like as long as not breaking the rule of my religion and the law of government. My freedom is as equal as other women in the world. We are the same basically, just different on outfit!


I need to explain to her that she’s not supposed to get confused between culture and religion. I know that some friends of mine are confused about this issue. Well, I am sure when she knows Islam, she will more respect to the women who willing to cover for the sake of Allah, not because government or family force them.

In my deepest of my heart, I whispered, “May Allah make it easier for those women if they wanna wear nikaf”. Barakallah for all of sisters!