Why I love blogging

Many friends asked me why I blog and why I should spend money to pay yearly fee for hosting. Well, it’s more personal reason actually, I love blogging as I need to entertain myself when I have free time. Why I decided to be a blogger as I had a bad experience when the first time I landed in the country of my husband. I felt so lonely as nobody visited me. Neighbours and family’re busy with their own business, less friends I had at that time. The second landing, I got a job as I already got PR, somehow the same problem came up…my friends were mostly busy with their own family. I know how hard it is to live here if we used to live in Indonesia where most of family, neighbours, and friends come to visit us and hang out together.



In April 2016, I decided to go back to Canada. It’s my third time landing in this beautiful land. But, I already prepared better than before. After resigning from my previous company in Indonesia, I learnt how to blog. I wanna spend my free time by doing something that I like from home. The best choice for me is blogging as I love writing and sharing stories with other people, for sure sharing educative stories. Blogging brings me positive energy when I get bored or when I am homesick. Being homesick is the natural process when we immigrate. No matter how long you live in your new country, still you miss you back home country. Especially when we have no problem there such as no war, no crime issue, no bad memory…your heart and mind will always be back to your home country.


The positive energy that I get from blogging is I always think what story that I can share to people, what benefit they will get by reading my story. Thinking something positive for sure will influence your mindset as well, you will be positive in your daily life. The challenge that I have is sometimes I have no story to write or I have no time to write, being big bump! It happens in certain time, but I always motivate myself not to give up to write. When I feel so lazy to write, I just do copy writing! Sometimes, I just play with canva to design cute card and share my quote with my lovely friends on social media, for sure sharing with my friends on sinauenglish (FB, IG, and Twitter). When the idea of story comes suddenly, I just grab my laptop and start writing. When I am writing something, I don’t like any interruption as I need to concentrate what I should write. Therefore, I told my family not to bother me when I am busy in writing, I need “ME” time! Sometimes, I go to cafe to get the new environment, looking around people and listening to what people talk mostly. Just being convenient in while I am writing a story on my blog to make my imagination and my fingers dance crazily on my cute keyboard.


Sometimes I am so bored, have no idea for my next story. It’s normal though as we are human, being moody …just wanna have fun with myself and no need to share it with people for sure. When I asked some bloggers, they have the same experience, loosing idea but not spirit of blogging. The same thing happens to me… I didn’t write for couple weeks as I lost idea and had no mood to write. It’s fine as for sure our idea will come again anytime and anywhere.


Just be positive, keep writing once you have an idea to write. Blogging makes me happy as I spend my time for something good. I have no time to think something useless, no need to complain a lot in our life. This life is beautiful when our mind thinks so. If anyone wanna contact me, kindly send me email. Happy New Year 2017!!! Wish the best for all of us in this new year.