Icha’s Stories; Back to School

Almost one year, Icha had to stay and study at home with me as she came to Canada as a visitor. During one year, she already visited a lot of interesting places around GTA. First time she landed she didn’t speak English fluently as she just spoke Javanese and Bahasa in Indonesia. English is not our second language there, foreign language. She also got shock culture and homesick before. It’s pretty much surprising me as she learns so fast about many things here. And the most important one is she loves Canada.

When she got her PR 2 weeks ago, it was beautiful moment for all of us here as we had waited for one year. We can’t wait to see her back to school. I called the nearest primary school and the staff explained to me that I should call Reception Centre as Icha has a specific issue, one year missing study at school. Though I explained to her that I also gave her home schooling especially English, Math, and Science. The staff gave me the number to call to ask about this issue. I called Reception Centre and one of their staffs gave me the clear answer that she had to join an assessment on Friday, March 24, 2017. It means 2 days only to prepare everything, including for documents check.  I got so nervous with that assessment, Icha looked so relax though. I searched Math assessment for grade 8 on Google, for English I just gave her advice to be confident with her skill. As I know that language is about process, it’s not magic that in 2 days she can be the expert in certain language.

Reception Centre, York Region, is located in Richmond hill which is far from our place, taking 2 hours by bus. We decided to leave the house at 6 am, though the assessment is actually at 9 am. It’s better to wait there and we could take a rest by drinking coffee before the assessment. It was heavy rain and still dark, we were waiting in bus stop for 5 minutes. It’s really unforgettable story for her and me, as only 3 passengers in the bus, too early eh…😜

After one hour we arrived in Finch Terminal, it’s still rainy at that time. I was confused about transit as I didn’t see any sign for VIVA Purple, the next bus that we should take to Reception Centre. I asked the officer who was walking near us, he pointed the waiting spot for VIVA Purple. Yeay, it’s not more that 5 minutes the bus coming, and we enjoyed our trip on the bus as it’s very convenient. I checked on my mobile that it would take 45 minutes to our destination. The good thing was it’s not dark anymore, so we could see the view outside, still rainy☔.

We arrived in our destination at 8 am, we just followed the sign to Reception Centre which’s pretty clear. Nobody’s there, and no seat to wait. We decided to sit down on the floor as my bag’s so heavy, full of documents and food🍕🍣. The good thing was we were not late. Arround 8.30 am, the staff was coming, she’s very friendly and invited us to wait inside. After reporting our arrival to Reception Centre staff,  there’re some steps for assessment; pre assessment meeting with teacher assessor, students assessment, document check, and the last one is receiving brown envelope that we should give to the school. Icha took assessment almost for 5 hours, next to the admin room. While Icha was doing her assessment, the staff invited me to show all original documents. She checked the documents and asked me some questions. All of staffs’re very helpful and friendly, they knew exactly that most of parents looked so stress. After done with documents checks, I also met with representative from Welcome Centre Immigrant Service and CCSYR (Catholic Community Services of York Region who explained about education in general.

Icha finished her assessment at 1.30 pm and the teacher explained about the result. He told me that she had to explain more deeply for the questions she got. Such as she needed to explain in detail about the beauty of Indonesia as her home country. Well, it’s really good input for me as her mom to motivate her to explain more when she delivers her opinion👍.

We arrived at school almost 3 pm, the staff, teacher, and headmaster were very nice in welcoming Icha as the new student, the immigrant from Indonesia. They explained very clearly about the program at school and what Icha should prepare on Monday, her first day at school. Finally, all’re done😍! We love you, sweetie… you already passed all process, please enjoy every step in learning. Good luck😘! For readers who wanna immigrate with your kids, it’s better to contact the nearest Welcome Centre Immigrant Service if you are not familiar with education system here. Based on my experience, they’re really helpful to set up the study of my kids in Canada.