Adjusting and Blending with a Multi Culture Teamwork

It’s a long journey for me which brings more experience and stories that I didn’t get from any lecture before. Every daily story is a valuable lesson that I can share with my lovely students in Indonesia. They need to know about working in other countries which have multi culture and specific work ethic.

Our degree and our experience in Indonesia is countless here, we should start from zero and learn from beginning. We should realise that multi culture is more challenging to gather the good teamwork. Something good for us doesn’t mean good for somebody else who has different culture. Here I underline about the way we communicate, it’s not about what we say but how we say. Either I already learnt cross culture at college or worked with many foreigners in Indonesia just gave me less than 50% of understanding on how to interact with multi culture team, especially in Canada which majority of employees are immigrants who grew up in different countries and came here for some reasons. So, we need to know how to adjust and blend with those multi culture background.

I was learning about work values from some companies online, and I found the amazing work value from a company here; No Ego! It’s absolutely true, as I got this problem before. This is the nature of human that everyone has ego. Sometimes we feel better than other, more likely! This is not easy to point ourselves when something wrong happens at work. We like to point to somebody else without realising that it’s our mistakes as a team. In Indonesia, we can predict what people will react if something bad happens at work. We almost have the same culture across those thousands islands, bounded with one national language. It’s easier there to solve the problems of teamwork. Somehow here you won’t imagine what people will respond when problem happens at work, more complicated and clear as mud! Why? Different culture, education background, and language are simply challenging for a team leader to manage the good teamwork. However, it’s very easy if everyone understands not to have such an ego since the most important one is to solve the problem not to blow up the problem. It takes time to have no ego, but we should try step by step until we get used to it. I still learn it as well.

The other value which is also quite important is being respectful! Again, when we do something, sometimes it looks normal for us but it’s not for other people who have different culture. Something normal for others, but not for us. So the good way to solve this issue is by “respect each other”. Respect the choice and the right of people; do not discuss what people wear especially religious outfit, what gender our friend is as LGBT is legal here, and for sure private things. Remember that here we have freedom and everyone is equal. If in Indonesia, you still discuss about what people wear and do, you are not supposed to do it here or you will get a lot of troubles with your co workers. Just focus on our job, do our job well and get home peacefully, that’s it! Respect other people and they will respect in either way. It takes time to adjust and blend with a multi culture teamwork. It’s not too late to learn how to understand and respect other people. Focusing on our target at work is our matter!