Icha’s Stories: Applying for PR inside Canada

Today’s so special for Icha as officially she got her PR after joining interview at CIC Etobicoke. We had the email last Friday, the appointment was today at 1 pm – 3 pm. It just took an hour and a half for all process, systematic and fast!


We had to walk for 30 minutes to the border of Scarborough and Markham, we took TTC bus 102B to Warden subway station and TTC subway to Kipling station. It’s approximately 2 hours, not too bad eh… The transportation is easy to go and affordable for us; connected each other and one fare only, 3.25 dollars and free for kids. So, we just spent 6.50 dollars only for 2 ways. If you never take subway before, you should not stress out as the sign is pretty clear to show which track your train is, left or right. As we wanna go to Kipling station, from Warden station we tool right side (West) to Kipling. Somehow, from Kipling station to Warden station, you can take either left or right side. Moreover,  you don’t need to pay again as TTC bus and TTC subway are one fare only, awesome…right? We arrived earlier, as usuall😜,  going upstair for exit, we can see the CIC building from station. It is on the left side, just walking 5 minutes! It’s easy to find Immigration Office as it is on first floor. From main door, just take the left aisle. When you arrive there, show the printed email confirming you appointment with Immigration. Then, the front desk officer will give you a ticket number, we got number D340 anyways! It’s pretty fast and easy as we brought complete documents and Hafiza could answer all very well, she didn’t need any interpreter. Cool, cantik🌺! It’s well done and we decided to have our lunch across the street, many choices for lunch…Popeye or Kebab…

Well, now I wanna share my experience in sponsoring my kids as some people still have no idea how to apply for PR inside Canada for dependent children, when your kids are already here. First thing is to follow the guide from the official website of immigration and citizenship, www.cic.gc.ca , missing one point …they will send your application back. Double check the printed check list. As all of her documents are in Bahasa, I sent them to legal translator and public notary in Toronto. It costs 40 dollars per page for translation, and 12 per page for notary. The other notary charged 25 though, so you can always search the cheaper one around your place. Google and ask your friends! The most important one  is do not pay less as they will send it back to you. It happened to her application before😥, always call the immigration officer if you are not sure how much you should pay.

My mistake was paying one application only as I applied 2 application for Icha, inside Canada, and her brother, outside Canada. Although it is in the same envelope, under my sponsor, but still 2 applications and I got misunderstanding of it. The good thing is not paying Right of Permanent Residence Fee, $490, as they are still dependent children from permanent resident or citizen. Again, if you are still unsure… please call the immigration officer. Do not surprised if you should wait from 10 until 20 minutes to talk with the operator, be patient and relax as tons of people wanna call the immigration. Remember…if you wanna get PR, follow the process happily😍.

I submitted her application in August and she got confirmation that she passed documents screening in October, usually it takes one month only. As I told you, I made mistake in payment and they sent back the application in September. Good thing is there was a note informing that I have to pay one more application for her brother. You can track the process online by using UCI or application number, again be patient as many people wanna immigrate here❄.

After 5 months, I got the email from CIC that I should send passport and 2 photos, for final decision. Yeay…it’s good news as my kids passed the process. After sending passport to Ottawa, we got the mail in 2 weeks. The problem is we can not go to the nearest Service Ontario as Immigration Officer should sign first on her Confirmation of Permanent Residence (CoPR).

We are lucky as we had the right decision to go to Welcome Centre Immigrant Service in Markham, located on Kennedy road. The staffs there are very helpful👍, especially Jennifer Yip who is professional and helpful to set up Icha’s study and appointment with CIC Etobicoke. Without her assistance, I probably got more acnes as too much things to do, and still confused😰! As Icha has a specific issue, she landed last year but she just got her PR this year. So, she has to get signature from Immigration Officer for her CoPR.

If we follow the rule, everything is beautiful in the end. As my husband and I really follow the law here. During her visit in Canada, she didn’t go to school or any course. She was doing home schooling with me! It’s hard in the beginning, but everything is okay👧🌴🌸 … Many beautiful places to go and many great things to do here, so spending one year in waiting for PR is full of fun. Now she can speak English better than before, first time landing…she had no idea about English. Now, she’s good at interview at school and immigration. Way to go, sweetie😘! Reach your dream in Canada, better opportunity for study and work! Enjoy every step on your education journey! Oh Canada…, we love you!